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"My experience with Yvette has been wonderful, she is like an angel fallen from the sky.. .The strategies she has used with me have helped me to take me from where I never thought I would ever leave..
She has helped me to believe in me, to live with my medical condition and to increase my self-esteem.
Thanks to your patience and perseverance with me,
I can say that I have come back to live and believe that life is beautiful and that we have to live it our way. "
Elaine- 45




Ms. Yvette has helped me how to control my anger, she has taught me how to separate/split my homework so, I didn't get confused. She helped me with my anger by showing me ways I can avoid problems that I know will get me angry. For example, Ms. Yvette told me to just walk away, ignore and breath in and out. She has really helped me cope with school and staying organized by teaching me how to prioritize my work so, I didn't get discouraged about finishing it.  I recommend Ms. Yvette because she is kind and I feel like she listens to me and really cares about me by helping me. These are ways that she helps me and I thank Ms. Yvette so much". Nate, 16

"Ms. Yvette has helped me by showing and guiding me to understand the aspects of my anxiety and anorexia. She has helped me understand how to deal with and treat these psychological conditions. I have learned that I am the only one who matters to me."   Angelica, 17


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